Charles W Walker

From Peanuts to Power: The Road to Wealth, Success, and Happiness

For over 30 years the former Senator Charles W. Walker has dedicated his life and career to public service. He was the first African American chosen to serve as Senate Majority Leader; the second-highest elected position in the Senate Leadership. In this new book, FROM PEANUTS TO POWER, Walker outlines his fascinating journey of going from being a poor, young boy in the south whose father was a share-cropper to becoming a political powerhouse and entrepreneur. Throughout this compelling story he carefully weaves in the importance of wealth accumulation, the steps to achieve it, and his lessons learned for overcoming adversity. Walker's main goal of writing this book is to help get people out of the poverty trap that millions of Americans are stuck in. During his political career Walker served on countless committees to improve local and statewide communities; led nearly every committee in legislature, with the most significant being the powerful Appropriations Committee; and received hundreds of awards and honors for his tireless efforts and philanthropy. Walker is also a highly respected and successful businessman who has founded and grown several multi-million dollar companies. These ventures have led to his becoming one of the largest minority employers in the state of Georgia. Now, in the next chapter of his professional life, Walker is passionate about motivating individuals, college students, corporate groups, small business owners, and entrepreneurs on how to overcome obstacles to achieve the personal and professional success they desire.
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