Miles J Breuer

Paradise and Iron

Was it Paradise on Earth or an Iron Hell?
When Davy Breckenridge stowed away aboard a mysterious cargo ship, he sought to solve the enigma of John Kaspar. The richest man in the world, John Kaspar and his fortune had disappeared 40 years before. Arriving on Kaspar's secret island, Davy found a paradise on Earth. The people of the City of Beauty were graceful and artistic; pampered with automatic houses, self-driving cars and every conceivable luxury.
But there was a mechanical snake in this idyllic Eden.
Beneath the surface, this supposedly carefree people lived in nameless terror. The best and the brightest among them were disappearing. A net of total surveillance entrapped the community. Who was behind this sinister control?
Davy Breckenridge knew that the answers lay in the forbidden City of Smoke, the industrial complex on the other side of the island. No one who had tried to discover its secrets had ever returned. Davy was willing to risk it.
But should he risk his new love — and his very life — to save a people too lazy to save themselves?
307 printed pages
Original publication



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