Dessa Little

The Nubian Barnstormer Volume 2 Crossroads

Ava's heart emerges from the ashes of the Tulsa Riot as she grows in her womanhood in this epic novel.

It's been three years since Ava Odell-Hemmer has flown an airplane. She's torn: now a mother to toddler Andy, the Hemmers live on what remains of the cash she hid in their home before the rampage. Her husband Carl, an attorney, fights to give Greenwood the right to rebuild--and she's inspired to get back what frees her soul.

The Odells face unresolved grief. Her brothers, Artest and Aton, seek comfort in the arms of women. Ava aids Artest and Marie Chappelle when she receives a challenging diagnosis. Aton's actions eventually endanger her relationship with the Meades: the family that owns the most influential black newspaper in the U.S. His folly starts a confrontation with Papa that sours Mama on her youngest child.

The Nubian Barnstormer Air Show returns with fellow pilot C. L. Toney and their mechanic, her cousin Jenks Odell. Ava and Greenwood top their prior success until the combination of Jim Crow and the Depression causes both to decline. After making a deal with a Negro flying club, she tries her luck in California.

Los Angeles presents new characters. Artie Roscoe is the slick leader of the Sepia Aero Club. The Copper Cowboy, Roy Lindsley, is the king of Race movies. His frequent co-star, Freda Johnson, flirts with every man that crosses her path. And Roy mentors the gifted Ruth Jameson. Hollywoodland exposes Ava, her friends and her family to triumph and tragedy.

Otto J. Meade suffers a crisis that impacts the bond between her and Kathy Anne Dawton-Meade and the two families. While war brews overseas, Ava's about to play a vital role in her college sophomore son's life. A role that takes her by surprise!

Personal and collective choices made from the Roaring '20s through World War II shape her and those she loves. Choices that range from who to love to black soldiers who risk a midnight drive down a Southern country road. Immerse yourself in Ava's journey in The Nubian Barnstormer, Volume 2: Crossroads.
346 printed pages
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