Shane Gregg

The Quest for Peace

The Curators, ones who have the power to change history, but in return, forsake your consciousness. Leave your humanity and gain eternal life. That is the power the God of the lands gave you.

Crystal, an ordinary Sentinel of the City she lived in, hated the fate of the ones known as the Curators, thought to have been beasts. The ruler of the City she resides in, Luronko, wants nothing more than to rid of all the Curators. Once Crystal finds out that her Sister had become a Curator, she has no choice but to oppose the King. Crystal, along with all of her friends join together, promising to save her Sister. A new problem had rose; they all had become just like Crystal's Sister. They all became Curators. Not only must they save Crystal's Sister, they must also save themselves from their cursed fate.

As new problems arise for them, a creature known as the Eradication Summoning also stand in their way. With the whole World against them, they strive to do everything they can to rid of their status.
257 printed pages
Original publication


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