Judy Taylor

MUM MOMENTS: Journey Through Grief

When Judy's mother died she was thrown into a new world of emotions.

She found herself on a raw and confronting rollercoaster of feelings which completely took her by surprise. She felt vulnerable and unsure as she resisted and in time embraced grief and all its complexities.

By writing her feelings down, no matter how raw or painful, she found a way to ride those waves of grief.
As she shared her journal with friends and colleagues she was touched that her words had a profound healing affect on those dealing with the death of a loved one.

The "Mum Moments – Journey Through Grief" journal is now available in paperback and Ebook to help you deal with your loss and to recognise you are not alone.

What readers say:
«A beautiful book that speaks of the deep love between mother and daughter and the journey that must be undertaken when a mother passes on. A must read for anybody who is grieving and needs to express the love they have for a departed mother.»

«Through her poetic writing of the grief that engulfed her over a number of years on the passing of her mother, Jude has created a book that can be used by others to articulate and release feelings that may have been locked away for a long time in relation to their own mothers. This book will become essential reading for anybody confronting and dealing with the pain of loss.»
53 printed pages
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