Josef Black

The Blades: Oscar Bravo Lima: (The Blades SAS Series Book 2)

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The Hunt for Osama bin Laden begins…

September 2001. In the aftermath of the Al Qaeda attacks on the United States, the allied US & UK Administration's establish a joint task force comprising of CIA and SIS (MI6) agents supported by elite tier-one operators from the British Special Forces, Navy SEALs DEVGRU (SEAL SIX) and the elite CIA counter-terrorism team; the Special Activities Division (SAD). Their assigned task; hunt down, capture or eliminate, Osama bin Laden and senior members of the Al Qaeda terrorist network.

New York; after the attacks, MI6 analyst Zara Scott, is tasked to head up the British SIS efforts to locate Osama. Working alongside the CIA's Bishop, she follows a trail of evidence linking a pair of New York hedge fund traders to a set of financial transactions timed to profit from the 9/11 attacks. After following their lead they are warned off by the CIA's Deputy Director and begin to suspect they have uncovered a shadow-operation being carried out by an unknown senior member of the US State Department involving the Saudi government.

Back in Hereford, five members of the 22 Regiment Special Air Service (SAS) B Squadron Seven Troop are handpicked by the British Director of Special Forces and the Director General of SIS to establish The Increment; a team of covert-ops specialists, to conduct the highly clandestine war on Al Qaeda. Designed to operate on foreign sovereign soil without their host's permission, the Increment is dubbed 'The SAS within the SAS'.

After the team join Zara in Dubai to investigate her lead into the suspected financiers of the Saudi Group; the franchise of Al Qaeda believed to be responsible for planning and funding the 9/11 attacks, they find themselves quickly embroiled in an increasingly high-risk set of counter-terrorism operations across the Gulf region and then Pakistan. Culminating in a raid against the camp where intelligence sources have placed Osama bin Laden in the inhospitable southern-mountains of Afghanistan, close to Tora Bora, bordering the Pakistan Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).
But as the mission doesn't go to plan, Zara's earlier suspicions that they are involved in a politically-driven plot that runs counter to their objective undermines the operation, and they are left to use their exceptional tier-one training to survive against a tenacious enemy and unforgiving environment.

The Blades: OSCAR BRAVO LIMA is Josef Black's second instalment in the best-selling Blades SAS series, written with his unmistakable style of British Force's humour, technical accuracy, gritty realism and impressive detail, the story tells a fictional account of the hidden story of the British and US Special Forces hunt for the world's most wanted terrorist in this thrilling military tale of adventure, espionage, and tea-drinking.

Written & Edited in British English
Contains Strong Language & Descriptions of Violence
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795 printed pages
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