Joanna Hines

Improvising Carla

When her trip to Greece goes from idyllic to tragic in one night, a woman finds that outrunning her secrets might be the only key to survival
Helen North’s Greek vacation is not going as planned. She booked her trip envisioning a free-spirited getaway—unaware that everything was poised to crumble around her. While writing postcards by herself at a café, she meets Carla Finch, another solo, British traveler. Carla is charming and unpredictable, and the two become fast friends, taking advantage of every moment of their adventure abroad. But things with Carla aren’t as they seem, and after a night out, something goes horribly wrong. Carla is dead, and only Helen knows what happened. Back in England and wracked with guilt, Helen tries to move on, but specters from Carla’s life keep turning up around her. When Helen learns that her own dark secret might be exposed, she must struggle to separate truth from deception before it’s too late.
483 printed pages
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