Harry Stefano

Getting Over Mr Zane – Stepping Out

Getting over Mr Zane — stepping out.
Basically focuses as the title suggests more so on the public rather than private domain. And continuing on a little with the concept of being a mistress as if the 1st book wasn't harsh enough involving the harsh realities the 2nd book takes Harry Stefano to an even darker place. Since she discovers how Mr Zane well isn't the man she thought he was!
He is a man of substantial wealth and influence….if not a little more than misguided. Revenge features too when he discovers her having an affair with a more favourable man….and that she is planning her getaway essentially.
To her surprise in a long standing battle with social mobility her mother of all people comes to her aid as well as this new object if her desires/affections and saves her from the gutters of despair. All the way through she is insisting: I have rights and choices… can't do this to me. And go quietly no she won't! The woman is an intelligent woman. Now her final test has come if you like……prove it or perish….like many before her!

44 printed pages
Original publication



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