Rachael Boucker

Decaying Days Evolve

See the wound, stitch the break in my heart
Frame the knife in my back, call it art
Let it weep, let it fester, gather flies
Watch me drown in a narrative of lies

They missed their window to make for the island, now the Odd Blockers must wait out the winter in a Forest of Eaves village.
But dead and wailing monsters are not the only threats to be found in the rebel stronghold.
As Claire’s sickness gets worse, the Brutes make some unlikely allies.
Unease grows at Prospect Heath as the mushrooms are used to control civilians as well the military personnel.
A war rages in Sadie’s mind. James believes her DNA holds the key to the cure, but will her Wailer genes win out?
Humans are mutating, mutants are dying, and mutant zombies are rising.
339 printed pages
Original publication



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