TJ Berry

Olympus Awakening

Nicole Clark caught the eyes and heart of the Olympian God Zeus, reincarnated into the body of an African American man, going by the name of Five. The once junior copy writer, now full-time staff writer from “Georgia Now Magazine” has made advancements in her career after covering stories about and surrounding Five's Group Home, Mt. Olympus. These stories include the Key to the City recipient being a caretaker with a heart of gold, the story of AZ, or the reincarnated Hermes, and his turn from juvenile delinquent to track star, and finally, but unknown to the public, the story titled “…While We Slept,” which is the fabricated story used to cover up Perses's efforts to open the gates of Tartarus and let the Titans walk free. A plot that would have killed the citizens of Bevelle.
This machination was thankfully brought low by Five, his brothers, Ezra and Andre, and his sister, Pearl as well as the other reincarnated Olympians after they defeated Perses, Epimetheus, Styx, and the redemptive Prometheus. The portal closed and the people of Bevelle safe, Nicole went to work crafting a brilliant cover story for why everyone in town fell asleep at the same time.
Since then, Five, Nicole, and the rest of the residents of Mt. Olympus have enjoyed a brief respite of peace… until Perses returns…and new threats emerge from the ranks of the Titans. Will Five and Nicole be able to rise to these new challenges from without as they're also encountering strife within?
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