Kathy Reyes

¡Fidel is Dead!

“Isolation has not worked…it’s time for a new approach” – President Barack Obama, Dec. 17, 2014

Cuba was forever changed by Fidel Castro's revolution that turned the island into a single-party Communist state. Half a century later, the nation has suffered under stifling policies and a lack of political freedom. Journey through the historical origins of the Caribbean nation and the consequences of this seminal event. Explore the ins-and-outs of past and present Cuba, and decide for yourself what lies in its political horizon.

Now, the United States and Cuba have embarked on a new relationship as President Barack Obama declared an end to the diplomatic freeze with the island. While Obama spoke to Americans, Raul Castro addressed his island. He spoke about the profound differences in human rights and foreign policy, and how regardless of those differences they must learn to coexist “in a civilized manner.” With a new dialogue underway, the future of Cuba appears ready to move forward.
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