Tionna G.

Sleeping with the Boss

After the passing of Tionna's mother she was left to figure out how to navigate through this world on her own without the advice of her dear beloved mother. After such loss and getting away from her dead-beat husband Tionna took the streets of Baltimore. Little did Tionna know! Her world was getting ready to be turned upside down. The next chapter of her life would soon send her down a road of heavy drinking and partying, meaningless love relationships, heartbreak and being homeless. While looking for love in all the wrong places Tionna meets up with a dude named Stephen, thinking that she has found true love. Is he the man that she always dreamed of? Or will he turn out to be like all the other men! But through Stephen she is led to a job that will soon lead her into a secret love affair. Will she be able to withstand the pressure of the world's negative forces? Or will she maneuver her way through life's dilemmas?
120 printed pages
Original publication



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