JulietteA.H. Cavendish

The Psychopath Who Nearly Lost His Arm

The Psychopath Who Nearly Lost His Arm. Love-Bomb. Devalue. Discard.

A story of courage, grit and realism. Not for the faint-hearted. A story about family dysfunction, narcissists and psychopaths. Set in Australia and Paris, following the life of Pippa O'Shea. Can she ever find true and healthy love or is she trapped in a cycle of love-bombing, devalue and discard?

Pippa's life is a mess. Her family is so dysfunctional, Dr Phil could do a year-long series on them and have a second season prepared. Even in her twenties she secretly hopes she may find out that she was adopted and that there is a different option for family waiting for her. Born with a short straw in her plump little hand, her parents are narcissists, her siblings are trying to bring her down, she's been labelled as the black sheep of her family and family get togethers she likens to wrestling in the mud with pigs.

No wonder Pippa's life isn't going to plan at all. Then she meets Noah — who may or may not need to have his arm amputated. A love story that goes as wrong as a love story can go.

Anyone who has been burned by a narcissist or psychopath will relate to Pippa's story. She is loved bombed, horribly devalued and then there is the discard she endures. Love sometimes, just isn't pretty.

Can she find love and happiness in Paris, after her life is turned upside down?

Trigger warning included, as the story deals with significant and impactful adult topics in amongst sprinkles of humour.
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