Martii Maclean

Creepy Creepier Creepiest

This second collection of quirky short stories will take you to creepy places just beyond the here and now. Come travelling through these tales if you dare. Learn the fate of the children who break free from their ropes when the moon is full. Visit a school where teasing voices haunt the chilly hallways, waiting for you fade so they can take you away. Wade into the lake on a moonless night, but beware of the slithering creatures. Follow the ghostly boy who is floating across the playground stealing voices and friendships. Discover who Kate is talking to on the phone and why it is a very peculiar and wrong number. Learn what magical power is enclosed in the shining silver locket. Spend some time in a cottage where robot arms can appear from every wall and the cat never needs to wait for a scratch under the chin. Help Jack rebuild his girlfriend. It’s not too far, just beyond the here and now.
79 printed pages
Original publication



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