Benzena Brown

Life is Crying

THE DILEMMA of chemical dependency addiction can be an innocent curiosity trial leading to disaster, as it is like a sharp piercing blade
that stabs the mind/brain. Addiction provides a thrilling sensational pleasure which can lead to repetitive use inflicting pain, suffering, agony, and intense craving. While life becomes a challenging battle for sobriety and survival filled with heartbreaking pain and suffering, the trauma of a chemical dependency cycle pleads and begs for recovery.

Chemical dependency is classified as an addiction and a mental health disorder. Education is the best source for understanding addiction and its consequences. This book was written for all who are curious, those struggling with the battle of addiction, and those who want to understand how addiction functions. The ultimate goal is to assist individuals suffering with chemical dependency to achieve a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Rehabilitation is support for recovery with an emphasis on personal development. The recovery process requires a strong determination, the will to make it happen, and believing you can conquer and heal this disorder. The challenges of addiction may seem like a spinning top failing to fall on its side.

However, help is available.
93 printed pages
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