Michael Sauls

Chronicles of the Rose

In the beginning, the gods created a barrier to protect the world of Ddaear from evil. The world prospered and its people lived together in peace. But a witch came and tricked people into breaking the gods' seals, each powered by a powerful magical artifact. With the seals broken the barrier came down and evil entered the world. The gods became angry at the mortals who stole their treasures, so they cursed them.
Then the gods raised up champions to restore order and defeat the witch. The heroes were only partially successful. The witch was destroyed, but evil remained in the world and the cursed artifacts still tempted mortals with their magical powers.
Treasure hunters are now seeking out the artifacts, willing to risk the fury of the gods to satisfy their lust for power. This is a story about treasure hunters and the mercenaries who work for them. The stakes are high when people are willing to risk anything to gain power.
Mercenaries are in it for the gold, but how will they react when they learn that their employers are unleashing evil on the world? Will they continue to fight for personal gain or will they do the right thing when it matters most? Is it a coincidence that so many of the mercenaries employed belong to the same fraternity, the Order of the Rose?
Is someone or something more sinister working behind the scenes? Who really wants to unearth the artifacts of the gods and why? Who is funding all of these expeditions? The mystery deepens and the adventures are high in The Chronicle of the Rose.
258 printed pages
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