John T O'Halloran

The Second Conflict

Lucifer emerges from his incarceration; along with his fellow Princes of Darkness, he confronts his jailers. The Magii are sent forward in time in case Lucifer escapes into this world; the journey takes them through history to the present day, when Putin & other world leaders disappear. The world is on the brink of chaos and war,who will prevail.

The first of three books, The Second Conflict, is an epic story that occurs one thousand years after the first war that tore apart a perfect new world, where to begin with there is total harmony and plenty, until one of the triplet sons of The King of Kings, Satan, who is greedy for power loses patience. He is ruthlessly ambitious and impatient to rule the children of the four tribes, in place of his father and The Magii, who govern the four quarters of the East, South, West and North, where the tribes live. It is not just his father's power that Satan wants; he is also determined to obtain the secrets of the universe that the Magii possess. Satan and his followers, whose numbers and power grow, finally confront his father, however they are unprepared for his merciless response after a battle that destroyed the peace of Near Earth, where until then, the occupants had all lived in peace. Satan's escapes his father's revenge, but not the traitorous angels who supported him and survived, who including Lucifer are incarcerated for a thousand years; while the members of the tribes who followed him are banished to The World of Men and became known as The Children of Adam. Their powers which had been much like those of The Magii are removed from them. But even then, the few who retained a memory of what once was, seek out their old master, who is hell bent on revenge. Satan remains patient, waiting for the 1000 years to end. During this time he makes plans to deceive The Guardians and cross The Rainbow Bridge linking The World of Men to Near Earth, so that he can release his angelic followers known as The Princes of Darkness. They too sleep with nothing but dreams of escape and revenge, but assume that Hermes, one of the brothers of Satan will be waiting for them when they are released, when he will give them one chance only to repent. Repentance however is not an option for Lucifer and The Princes of Darkness. Immediately they are released The Second Conflict commences and they are defeated once more. The price of defeat this time is either death or incarceration forever. But there is deceit and trickery in the air; all is not what it seems. Time and space change. Knowing this, Hermes takes the precaution of sending The Magii across The Rainbow Bridge into The World of Men, just in case his brother Satan deceives him and releases Lucifer and his fellow Princes of Darkness into that precarious world. In this book as well as in the next book, The Final Rite, The Magii move backwards and forwards through time. We see them at the birth and death of Jesus Christ; with The Pope when the Knight Templars are persecuted; at The Yalta Conference when Stalin is warned by England and the USA to stop his advance across Europe. The Magii are also present when Tony Blair, the English Prime Minister decides to invade Iraq. They also appear when the elements fail to combine as expected, causing drone attacks and other weapons to fail, at a time when Putin along with The Chinese President and other world dignitaries' disappear without trace. Throughout their travels and confrontations, The Magii suspect that they are being followed. This means that they cannot meet, because they fear that they will be captured and the secrets they possess revealed and put together by Satan. These secrets then begin to appear within the many different ceremonies that exist in Freemasonry. Satan realises this and takes over as the head librarian at the headquarters of English Freemasonry and draws his army to him and The Magii stell themselves for the inevitable confrontation.
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