The Conception of Eternal Life: With Special Reference to the Gospel of St. John, The Very Reverend Milan G.Popovich
The Very Reverend Milan G.Popovich

The Conception of Eternal Life: With Special Reference to the Gospel of St. John

100 printed pages
The Very Reverend Dr. Milan G. Popovich was born in Banat, Serbia, in 1896 and emigrated to the United States in the late 1920s. With degrees from Oxford University and the University of Pittsburgh, Father Popovich was a pillar of the Serbian Orthodox Church. He was a priest, educator, builder, and musician. The industry and determination of the late Father Popovich are impressed deeply in the memories of the Orthodox faithful.

Although well known among many of the Serbian Orthodox Church, he is far less known outside that sector. The Conception of Eternal Life is an in-depth look at spirituality and eternal life written by Father Popovich in 1922, while he was a young student of theology at Oxford University. You will learn how Father Popovich’s experiences at Oxford helped formulate his faith.

Father Popovich died in 1975, but his legacy continues. The Conception of Eternal Life can strengthen the faith of all who believe in God.
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