J. Azules Amor

Butterfliology: Free Thought, The Art of Defining Yourself for Yourself: Free Thought, The Art of Defining Yourself for Yourself

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What is butterfliology? It is free thought. Embracing Spirituality. Thinking outside the box, being different, unique, and embracing it. Defining yourself for yourself and listening and being in tune with your inner spirit. It's embracing your natural talents, gifts, and abilities while simultaneously enhancing and perfecting those gifts, talents, and abilities. It's accepting your strengths, weaknesses, flaws, and embracing and loving your whole self. It's putting you first…and by doing it shows others what you want and how to deservingly treat you…butterfliology is freedom and soul thought.
This book is for those who see themselves as different and think outside the box as well as seeking a spiritual journey of self fulfillment. Butterlfiology is embracing and accepting metaphysical manifestations and channeling energy as its own entity. It is the combination and synchrony of mind, body, spirit. Butterfliology delves into the beauty of Synesthesia, the importance of The Johari Window and how it relates to self. This is an excellent book for life coaches, mentors, to use to counsel their clients. The author was inspired by 'The Law of Attraction' and was first introduced to that concept by Chef Skai, Skai Juice. This book is excellent for book clubs who want to explore Self Love, Self Preservation, Intuition, love, partner relationships, Spirituality and defining what that is. Exploring metamorphosis, the importance of dreams, positive thought. Motivation resources are introduced such as TedTalks, Dr. Myles Munroe, Denzel Washington, Steve Harvey, and other motivational speakers. This book serves the LGBTQ community as an inclusive and diverse self exploration and self acceptance. Butterfliology is non gender specific and is inclusive of women, men, single mothers, mothers, divorcees, partners, those seeking a higher purpose and self fulfillment. J. Azules Amor is an Empath and a Spiritual Portal. Butterfliology will guide you through the thought process of transformation and the importance of energy and how to apply these principles to your life.
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