In Woodlands Wild, Ross Wilson
Ross Wilson

In Woodlands Wild

[Centuries ago, the grey wolf was the predator prince of the Scottish Highlands and its forest floors before being hunted to extinction… and then men folk, the same species which had before exterminated it, began to reintroduce wolves once again into the wilds of Scotland.]

A salesman’s bloody end in a remote Scottish motel room leaves the local police force with few clues as to the identity of the perpetrator — or could it have been perpetrators: a pack of wolves? Reports had come in of the bloody end of sheep, dogs and chickens, was this the same pack at work?

And then other bodies are found, including farmers and policemen. The authorities scornfully discount the tales of werewolves — until a grisly discovery leaves even the sceptics with no other explanation.

The author takes the reader on a horror trail of blood and gore in this thrilling whodunnit with a dramatic finale.
269 printed pages
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