Anthony Paul

Enjoy Smile Ginny Smile – Part 1 – A Magical Adventure Story About A Giraffe

The Greatest story ever told – about a Giraffe called Ginny and her friends. “Me!!!! In show bizz – you're kidding me.” Ginny. “Let's all sing Smile Ginny Smile.” Hopscotch. “It's all a dream.” Emily. “I don't like it here – I want to go home.” Jessica. “I'm loved – Meeeeee!” theManintheMoon. “A full moon – a night of amazing consequences.” Icicle. “I thought you'd never ask.” Chrystal. “You only have to look at me… to see that I am the greatest star in the whole universe.” Miss Starlight. This story takes you on a magical adventure with a short-necked Giraffe. From the sweeping plains of the Serengeti to Ginny's new life as a major attraction in a zoo. She's transformed by her new friend Hopscotch, becoming a top star in pantomime. Emily and Jessica, two crazy sisters, love her and persuade her to take them on a secret mission out into space, arriving on a cloud to meet theManintheMoon and a host of way-out-in-space living, exciting, life-changing characters. Is it a dream is it for real? Maybe it's time to ?nd out and enjoy! Is it a dream is it for real? Maybe it's time to find out and enjoy!
263 printed pages
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