C.A. Eroh

Beautiful and the Time Travelers

BEAUTIFUL AND THE TIME TRAVELERS, tell the story of a grieving little girl, named Shiloh, who lost her father saving the life of an eighteen-year-old boy in a lumber accident. She experiences emotions, events, and hostility toward her mother, Megan, who chooses not to deal with Shiloh's early grief, while trying to be strong, and deal with her own grief. Collins, a veterinarian, who came into Megan's life, fell in love, and wants to marry her. Shiloh, defiant, let her mother know, no one will ever take her father's place.
While Shiloh, and her best friend, Leah, out on an adventurous excursion in the woods, discover a majestic filly, named Beautiful. An instant bond grips the very soul of the filly, and Shiloh.
Shiloh, and Leah, embark on an adventure of a life time with this majestic, magical, powerful filly that only happens in fairy tales. Along the dangerous journey, Beautiful helps repair Shiloh's broken heart while she develops a strong, healthy relationship with Collins. The magic of it all is how, and why this all transpired.

163 printed pages
Original publication



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