Frank A Silva

The Tyranny Of Death The Unraveling

This book is my first novel, and my take on what the Zombie Apocalypse would look like with God and The Devil and other Supernatural forces involved. It will appeal to everyone from ages 8, to 80 because it has elements of Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and a touch of Romance. There's an overarching Plot and Theme, as well as several subplots. There's something for everyone, in this book.

Thirty three year old Rockstar Hank Jones is on Tour with his band when his twin brother, Thomas, is killed in action in Iraq. Hank heads home to his small hometown of Independence, Kansas for the funeral when he suddenly finds himself in the center of several inexplicable events that all seem somehow connected to himself, his dead brother, and several others in not only his hometown, but all across America. Meanwhile, someone in his hometown is hatching a sinister plot that might well spell the end for not only Hank, but all of humanity.
440 printed pages
Original publication
Frank A Silva



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