The Rise of the Verbal Villain, The Verbal Villain
The Verbal Villain

The Rise of the Verbal Villain

Troubled, tormented, dejected and disrespected.

‘I’ve had enough of this as the bullies and beefs are breaking me. I need to find a new me not this old Lee, I need to find a fiend so I can attack back mercilessly. I’m not here to be broken so now it’s my time to be outspoken. You haters, I’m not even joking, as by the end of this battle it’ll be you that is choking…’

Lee is sixteen and life is tough. A broken home and a hard time at high school with tears, jeers and fears seeming relentless and leaving him defenseless. Lee needs to stop this and fight back but how? Is the answer in his ability to manipulate words? Can he battle back using rap? Can he find himself by reinventing himself? Is there a verbal villain waiting to be unleashed from its cage?

Start reading about a timid and troubled teenager and end up supporting a word-slinging warrior of rhyme for our time.
202 printed pages
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