David Bergsland

Peace on the Res

Urban fantasy and miraculous reality
The company birthed in Peace in Chaos discovers that the evil behind the violence is working globally. They are deeply tied into the Swamp, but what is this mayor of a small city in southwestern Utah? He's clearly deep into this work of subverting political power. But he's a nobody.
Tue and Freau Trujillo become deeply concerned by the young women disappearing off the Res -the Navajo Nation. No one seems to care. As usual, they turn to the only One with real power and ask for help.
Notah Begay is simply depressed, and that's not like him. Like his father, Bebe, he's a loose and free, old-school Navajo warrior-an increasingly irrelevant type of human. He and the young people his age are consumed with getting high, getting laid, and avoiding reality. The girls will do anything to find someone to take care of them. It's simply too painful. But the Lord calls him out of it. Notah is hired by Ascended Light to get to the bottom of things, becoming immersed into spiritual warfare.
Haloke, a young Navajo orphan abused by two of her many foster fathers, in desperation escaped from her painful life determined to make a way for herself. But she was completely unequipped to resist the charms of Ahiga Tl'izilani. She's an excellent recruiter for the young women desperate enough to do anything to bring themselves support and security. But, Ahiga has a horrible reputation for good reasons. She discovers she's trapped in a snare for which she volunteered. Her demonic minder makes increasingly terrifying demands for control.
Clearly the Lord is not without a plan. But where it ends up is a true surprise for everyone. The blessings are without precedent in a nation struggling to simply survive.
349 printed pages
Original publication
Radiqx Press



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