Susan Hitchler

Hey Dad… Is Grandma a Criminal

Do you know that a prosecutor can charge you with a crime even if a crime wasn’t committed? Do you know your Constitutional rights as a US citizen?
Discover one woman’s compelling true story and how it became a fight against a Criminal Justice System that has strayed far from its original purpose.
Do you believe an unlawful criminal prosecution could never happen to you or your loved ones? Noted Certified Speaking Professional (ret.) and grandmother of eight, Susan Hitchler, was shocked when she was criminally charged twice by a Waukesha County, Wisconsin prosecutor even though the written law clearly stated that a crime wasn’t committed. For years after her traumatic experience, she joined many others in working hard to expose this growing threat to our Constitutional rights and our freedom from an ever-growing tyranny.
Hey Dad… Is Grandma a Criminal? explores the nation-wide epidemic of prosecutor misconduct in simple, straightforward terms. You’ll learn disturbing information that shows no one is safe from abusive prosecutors with personal, professional or political agendas. Through Hitchler’s own cautionary tale and real-world examples of other targeted victims, you will understand that fundamental changes are needed to protect the rights of citizens given to us by our founders and all but forgotten by the criminal justice system
In Hey Dad… Is Grandma a Criminal? you’ll discover:

How plea bargaining is often really blackmail and what innocent people can do to resist being pressured into admitting guilt
Why the public must insist that prosecutors be held accountable for       wrongdoing.
The shocking prevalence of prosecutors violating Constitutional rights and the rule of law as well as violating ethical standards.
How you can take an active part to derail the immoral, unethical, and illegal use of the law, and much, much more…

Hey Dad… Is Grandma a Criminal? is an eye-opening exploration into the many ways prosecuting attorneys, with motives other than the law, have caused damage to the reputation, finances, and emotional health of innocent people.

If you like in-depth personal accounts, thoroughly researched facts, and life-changing insights, then you’ll love Susan Hitchler’s jargon-free resource.

Read Hey Dad… Is Grandma a Criminal? and you will experience every moment with Susan as she relates her story in an engaging and entertaining manner as well as conveying what she learned about a system in need of major reform.
169 printed pages
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