Glen R Stott


It is an uncharacteristically rainy night when Robyn Briggs and her husband, George, return home early from a night out to retrieve their forgotten theater tickets. Robyn’s grandfather, Joshua, volunteered to babysit their four-year-old daughter, Debbie. When Robyn enters the room and surprises her grandfather buttoning his Levies, Robyn’s ensuing reactions cause Grandpa Josh to fall on his head and lose consciousness. After seeing Grandpa Josh fall, Debbie is too young and upset explain what happened.
Robyn’s mother, Joanne, supports Joshua’s story that Debbie had spit up on him and he was only cleaning his pants. Robyn questions the explanation and sets out to find her biological grandmother and two of her aunts who have been banned from the family under a cloud of secrecy. Robyn’s determined search leads her from San Antonio to Los Angeles to Paris.
Robyn is the heartrending tale of a mother’s gritty pursuit to unearth her family’s secret past as she attempts to protect her young daughter from a potential child molester.
Self-Publishing Review:
Skipping between past and the present, it is an epic tale about how sexual abuse has affected people over generations … Robyn is a fairly difficult book to read for its subject alone, but it is also a well-constructed book, evidently both a hugely painted and subtly drawn history of one family’s tragic past
Reviewed by F.T. Donereau
The thread of the story involving Jo and her sisters left me astonished; it is so well done, with all its intricacies, all its fraught tensions carved out perfectly. I believe Mr. Stott, as an artist, has no fear. … he not only shone light on truth, he gave us a story worth telling, worth knowing, and helped us learn.
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319 printed pages
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