How to be a GREAT Christian Leader, Obaseki Madge
Obaseki Madge

How to be a GREAT Christian Leader

This is the special edition Leader's Self-Assessment from the five-star reviewed How to be a GREAT Christian Leader.
This extract provides leaders with a way of self-assessing their leadership strategy and style which will encourage readers to consider the impact on their congregations, staff and stakeholders.
As John Maxwell says 'Things rise (or fall) on leadership. So it stands to reason that if the leadership style is out of sync with the organisation's mission, objectives and core values, things will fall apart.
The workbook provides you with an easy to use self-reflection tool to identify issues which might arise as a ministry or church leader. Best of all, it only takes a maximum of 20mins to complete and can be used again and again as things change!
HERE IS WHAT LEADERS ARE SAYING ABOUT How to be a GREAT Christian Leader — Special Leader's Self-Assessment
'This was an eyeopener. I discovered things I can work on in my leadership journey'. Dr Shana Wise
'This resource is a revelation, and I recommend every leader do this process to check their leadership.' Pastor Cynthia Jamiedson
What people said about the 1st edition of the book:
'This book is loaded with insightful and thought-provoking tasks, which will help shape great leaders'. Amazon customer
This book doesn't just tell you what a Leader is; it HELPS TO MAKE A LEADER out of you. Particularly love the Leader self-assessment questionnaire. You can identify where you are, and there is a clear road map on how to get to where you want to go'. Amazon customers
This book is a must-have not just for Christians but non-Christians alike. I recommend this book to everyone, especially those new in the Christian Faith and those that one to know about Christ'. Amazon customer
'I love the way this book has been written! It is very well structured and easy to follow. The book is particularly useful because it addresses issues that many churches/ministries do not pay much attention to until something goes wrong'. Goodreads subscriber
'I pray that the church worldwide grows stronger and is more understanding of its responsibilities internally as well as fulfilling its biblical mandate through the excellent work that you've done'.
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