Jerry Campagna,Phyllis Campagna

TIMEOUT! To Retreat, Review & Renew

Timeout! The Playbook For An Intentional Life. Funny thing… each of us, from the pauper to the president, gets the same 24 hours everyday… and yet, some just seem to get more done and smile while doing it! Timeout! To Retreat, Review & Renew is about living a more intentional life; for yourself and with your significant other. It's about intentionally putting more fun in your life, career and relationships about mapping out a path toward your unique happily ever after. Timeout! Where To Start… Timeout! consists of two primary components: 1)Annual Sabbatical (Retreat, Review & Renew) 2) Planning & Problem Solving Techniques (Toolbox) If you're looking for immediate ways to start leading a more intentional life, start with the Toolbox within hours you'll be able to apply these useful strategies. If you're looking to map out a plan toward your happily ever after, start packing your bags and read on!
105 printed pages
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