Argyle: A Year In My Life As a Park Ranger, Wayne W. White
Wayne W. White

Argyle: A Year In My Life As a Park Ranger

I accepted the job of Park Ranger at Argyle Lake State Park in 1966. I feel that during my 25 years at Argyle I lived and worked the role of Park Ranger 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I gave it my all.
I loved watching the fruits of my labor improve the park and make it such a wonderful place for all to share. Being a an avid nature buff, it was a good choice for my wife Bette as well. I stayed at the Park until 1991. After completing 25 years at Argyle, I had such misgivings about retiring, but, when you have a job that consumes your life everyday from morning until night, it can be quite taxing. I thought I would let the younger generation have the challenge.
I wanted to put my memories of this time in my life into print. Thinking that it might not be that exciting to the average person I put it on hold.
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