L.A. Michaels

Between Heaven and Hell

Love, Sex, Rivalries, and Redheads…

The Knight and Fitzpatrick families of Grosse Pointe, Michigan have feuded for over sixty years' time. They attempted to go about their business separately until the Weston women moved to town in the late 70's. Gail married DJ Brash the half-brother of Nadia Fitzpatrick who was also the wife of Brandon and mother of Margot and Nial. Vivica Weston fell for Cliff Knight almost immediately after they met at twelve years old. In 1986, Cliff finally started to fall for Vivica himself. Cliff's father Rodrick Knight certainly couldn't let this happen and was willing to do anything to keep them from being together.

In 2018, Vivica is now a true to form Fitzpatrick after marrying Nial Fitzpatrick not once, not twice, but a total of three times. Cliff has married Vivica's biggest rival that happened to be her older sister Tiffany. Their children are cousins making it the first time (to anyone in the towns knowledge) that any Knight or Fitzpatrick has had blood relations to one another. Vivica and Nial's son Brad is back from boarding school after five years and is excited to pick up his friendship with his best friend and Cousin, Harry Knight. Enter Langley Kingsley. Self-proclaimed teen queen of Manhattan that has recently moved to town. Brad has feelings for Langley. Yet, Langley dates Harry who is secretly gay. Meanwhile, the Kingsley son, Xander falls for Hannah and Hope Knight twin daughters of Cliff and Tiffany. Lucy Kingsley the eldest child must deal with the trials and tribulations that come with being Vivica Weston — Fitzpatrick — Knight — Fitzpatrick — Fitzpatrick's personal assistant.

It's just another day in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. The drama is in full force. What else could you expect from a group of people just living their lives somewhere Between Heaven and Hell?
304 printed pages
Original publication
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