Casey Sanchez-Moyers,Kevin Moyers

Titan's Reign

Titan builds an army while Casey, Jack, and Chuy look for ways to stop him. The Bigfoot Brothers try to help their new Minotaur ally find her sister. Griff’s loyalty is challenged as Nessie finds herself in a difficult situation.
Note: This book series is designed to be fun and educational. Some words and phrases in the books are underlined. Definitions for those terms will be found in the glossary at the back of each book. The definitions included fit the context of their usage within the books. They also include the page number where the word is found so you won’t lose your place.
The stories also uses real researched locations and landmarks around the world.
Fantasy Adventure — 50 pages — All Ages
Written by Kevin Moyers and Casey Sanchez-Moyers
Illustrated by Casey Sanchez-Moyers
38 printed pages
Original publication



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