Lana J Pickering,Nadia Morel

Love Tormented

Love Tormented is a romantic suspense novel about a couple who are drawn together by otherworldly forces to which they have no knowledge of. It takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana; a place steeped in history and culture. Over two hundred years ago, a Santeria priestess, placed a curse on the man she loved when he gave his heart to another. Bitterly betrayed and heartbroken, the curse was one that would not only kill the man and his young love, but would last an eternity.
In current day New Orleans, Maggie Rivard is the general manager of a prestigious hotel in the French Quarter. Smart, successful and beautiful, she works hard to keep The Colonial Hotel running smoothly. Unfortunately, her narcissistic boss doesn't make it easy. Her sad excuse for a love life has also left her feeling depressed. But these issues are over shadowed when the dreams come. Exhausted from the vivid, chaotic dreams, she remembers a long ago encounter that she refuses to delve into. For Maggie, words like destiny and fate do not belong in her world; she controls her own life.
A native New Orleanian, Liam Kavanaugh is a structural engineer living in New York. In the early stages of his career, he was excited to travel the world for his job. Seeing new places and experiencing new cultures was amazing. As he watches his friends and family settle down, he realizes that he might be missing out on putting down roots. However, he has never met a single woman who has made him want to change his globetrotting occupation.
Maggie and Liam meet when he is hired to do a structural assessment of her beloved hotel. The two feel the instant chemistry, but Maggie's practical side tells her not to fall for the tall, dark and handsome engineer. Alternatively, Liam's adventuresome side is thinking that she is worth the pursuit. As their relationship grows, an unusual connection develops. This connection triggers a deep-rooted centuries old magic, which once started can only end in death.
Putting her stubbornness and pride aside, Maggie reluctantly seeks out Emeline, a voodoo priestess, who told her seventeen years earlier that her future was predestined. With time running out as their combined feelings grow stronger every day, will they be given the chance to change their curse altered fate in this lifetime.

313 printed pages
Original publication



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