Kim Clayton

Slip On Through

APRIL 11th, 1968
Holds no indication of events to unfold, as Dennis Wilson, drummer of The Beach Boys, is on course to the greatest consequence of his life by becoming part of a history that shocked American culture. Everything will start from the innocence of those involved…and will be considered fun to begin with…
But Charles Manson and The Family have motives and ideals that even the followers are not entirely aware of and things will move from bad to worse within a blink of an eye…
A series of events designed to haunt people the next fifty years with a silent bewilderment…
But what if it could be changed?
History teacher Ken Claybourne has uncovered a way to slip on through time. Accompanied by two of his trusted and former students, the three adventurers will do whatever is needed to stop Manson and his Family.
They face danger at every turn but are armed with knowledge as their weapon but history once changed, can change the game for everyone involved with unexpected consequences.
Can they succeed in changing history?
Or will they become a part of a new history to be learned in the future from where they have once travelled..?

Slip On Through is Australian author Kim Clayton's first published work and it is an engaging and daring reflection on the episode in history that many have felt propelled to change…now the What if? is here for your reading enjoyment…
326 printed pages
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