Kelster and the Legend of Glenishcale Part 1, L.A.Thomas

Kelster and the Legend of Glenishcale Part 1

228 printed pages
“Ah you want the short version do ya, a few wee passages to feed your curiosity? Young folk these days, no patience at all. Well I won't do it ya hear, I'll tell you all of it or I'll tell you none! So shut your wee traps”.

In a shrouded, forgotten part of Ireland, lies a quaint little town called Glenishcale. Steeped in myth and legend, it is home to some of Ireland’s most eccentric and outlandish characters who burst through the pages of the story. The superstitious inhabitants are unaware that in their village lies an ancient passageway to the underground realm of Eile, where dark, fantastical creatures lurk and an evil warlock rules.
An outbreak of strange occurrences coincides with the arrival of Kelster, a rebellious red-head. When it transpires that Kelster is the key to fulfilling a 900 year old prophecy, pranks and buffoonery are set aside as she enlists the help of her new friends in unearthing Glenishcale’s darkest legend.
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