Marilyn Strong

Psycho Chick and her God

Relish the passionate transformation of a tough yet timid, pistol-packing female that was raised by a religious family in Detroit. Cheer for Madison's success as she plunges into an agonizing journey, trying to choose between God's direction and the devil's deception. She craves God's voice to calm the enslaved boiling rage that has traumatized her rational thinking since childhood.

She wreaks havoc whenever a devastating bomb explodes inside her psyche resembling insecurity, disappointment, or distress. Risky and creative revenge are her weapons of choice. After each toxic entanglement, Madison believes God will fight for her and she turns to Him for forgiveness and direction. Does she question her ability to differentiate between God's voice, her voice, and the devil's voice? An applicable life “lesson learned” follows most chapters.

The reader will feel compassion for Madison as well as disappointment in her ability to make good decisions. She does not have a good support system. She learns to depend on herself and God. She prays and asks God to show her the way, sometimes she listens and obeys, and sometimes she does not. Since she has been mistreated from childhood, she strikes back with a vengeance whenever there is a hint that she is being wronged.
123 printed pages
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