Paresh M Jivanji

Being Versus Becoming

Being Versus Becoming presents the timeless wisdom of the Vedanta philosophy, which has its roots in the ancient teachings of Sanatan Dharma. It therefore weaves and blends meticulously while explaining to the reader the importance of living in the Present, in the Now. Being Versus Becoming offers you the opportunity to peel through the layers taking you to the core of the Truth of who you are and your purpose in life; wisdom attained through the rigorous penance and personal experience of the ancient seers. They saw how human nature attempts to achieve happiness by Doing and Becoming which is propelled by greed and desire. The secret to happiness as revealed by these ancient seers is that it is only when the mind loses the fascination for the worldly joys and turns inward to contemplate upon the Higher Self that one can rejoice in the source of the infinite joy within. It is then that he ceases to Become and is immersed in the Light of his Being, his true nature thus ending the search for happiness.
320 printed pages


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