Pierre Poteau

86,400 Seconds a Day

Everyone on the planet, without exception, has exactly 86,400 seconds in a day. How we live our lives within this time frame sets our path to success or failure. Time management and goal setting are an integral part of being productive. Goal setting and time management are the key essentials in seeing your business thrive, be more productive and most of all profitable!
How you use your time is the difference in making your business a success or failure.
Doctor Pierre Poteau sets the record straight and shows the exact ways to use your time to produce excellent results in your business, and your life. From his vast experience as an operations officer in the military to surviving two tours in Afghanistan, Dr. Poteau shows the immense importance of time management and setting goals.
By learning how to use your 86,400 seconds of every day, you will witness your life reaching heights never dreamed of. Dr. Poteau will provide the answers to the questions and show you the way on how to live the fullest and richest life that you deserve.
Within these pages, you will discover the secrets to achieving every goal in front of you. The book 86,400 Seconds shines new light on the specific methods to utilize every single second of your day to maximize time efficiency, drastically increase production, and skyrocket motivation for achievable, amazing and life-changing results.
Make every second count!
97 printed pages
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