MA Annelie Shultz

Less Stress More Fun

Stress! It's a fact of life. Regardless of age, employment status, or financial situation, we all experience it.
People need a certain amount of stress to be productive and happy in life.
However, when stress grows beyond that, this book gifts you the tools and skills to build your stress resistance and resilience. It helps you to manage through day-to-day stresses. And when you are overwhelmed by huge, stressful events, it provides proven and reliable methods to build your resilience. Resilience allows you bounce back from the destructive effects of stress more quickly.
This book is for those:
➤ Who often worry about what could happen
➤ Whose forgetfulness or trouble focusing is impacting daily life or work negatively
➤ Suffering digestive problems, headaches, sleep issues, to name a few
➤ Noticing changes in appetite, drug or alcohol use, lack of motivation, and similar changes
80 printed pages
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