Peace and Violence complement one another and both are undermined without the presence of the other.

Insecurity inspired by violence and devastation provides a business opportunity to those who live by selling killing machinery.

When the war of thousand cuts could not bring India to the negotiating table, let alone concede defeat, Pakistan's ISI immediately grabs the opportunity to nuke India.

However, the common legacy shared by both countries had many Indians in Pakistan who played a vital role in its establishment.

How various nations respond to the purported nuclear attack intended to destabilise South Asia?

At the centre of the plot is the defamed Qadar Khan—"Father of Pak Nukes"—who was a Muhajir.

Will he try to nuke India, the country in which he was born, so that he can reclaim lost respect in Pakistan, his adopted country?

What happens to the flamboyant general of Pakistan, Syed Ashraf Pasha, when his own Government denies any plot that he was executing through Qadar? Under international pressure from dollar donor countries, his family was arrested. Pasha, the man projected as future Army Chief, was labelled traitor. What would the patriotic army officer do in such circumstances?

Who actually detonates the device?

What happens in the aftermath?
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