Michelle Love

Romance Short Stories

Romance Short Stories: Alpha Billionaire's Nightclub is a collection of three short stories steaming with an international cast of beautiful people, stunning locations, dark storylines, and hot, hot sensual romance!

These are the stories that you will read inside:

Forced Intimacy: A Forbidden Sitter Short Story
A mission I was sure not to come back from had me making deals I'd never made before…
Being a Marine, I was no stranger to danger.
This mission though… Well, it was a pretty much a one-way ticket.
I needed someone to help me make it through the week before I was sent to certain doom.
I never expected to find her. Not such a perfect girl.
Our bodies didn't act like we were the strangers we were to each other.
Right from the start, she succumbed to me in a way I never imagined.
I took the memory of her sweet body with me as I left her that day.
Would I ever get to see her again?

The Virgin's Veil: A Masked Indulgence Short Story
A loud scream woke me up in the middle of the night.
I sat bolt upright in bed and only then did I realize it was me who was screaming.
Shaking my head to clear the cobwebs from my mind, I closed my mouth and looked at Brooke's side of the bed. It was still empty. I was still alone.

Swank: A Her Dark Melody Short Story
The big night had finally arrived. It was New Year's Eve and August Harlow, Nixon Slaughter, and Gannon Forester stood outside their nightclub's main entrance, waiting for the women they'd fallen in love with. Each of them wore tuxedos, all three looking like the ultra-wealthy and handsome men they were.
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