Susan Siracusa

Charlotte's Locket

Emily Howard is 25 years old, works in a dead-end job, and has a string of disastrous relationships behind her that have made her bitter and suspicious of men. Life couldn’t get much worse, or could it?An unexpected letter from a solicitor informs her that a cottage has been bequeathed to her by an uncle she barely knew. A strange poem leads to the discovery of a buried locket, sending Emily spiraling back in time on a quest to discover the fate of Charlotte, a woman who vanished on her wedding day 300 years ago.Not only does Emily discover the terrible truth behind the woman’s disappearance, she puts herself in mortal danger and is forced to contend with Charlotte’s grieving fiancé, Samuel. A dark and brooding man, he is hell bent on destroying the lives of everyone around him, including Emily’s.As she becomes increasingly involved in the tragic lives of her newfound family, Emily uncovers secrets that will ultimately change history and her own life forever …Discover the thrilling secrets locked away in Charlotte’s Locket.
478 printed pages



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    Ирина Осипенкоhas quoted4 months ago
    I literally fell off of the horse in my hurry to get over to them.
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