Sloan Teeple,Susan Teeple

I'm Still Sexy So What's Up with Him

Missing In Action. . .the men in America. Why? Well, have you seen the commercials asking you: Is it Low T? What does that even mean? We know. We have been there. Low Testosterone effects over 15 million men in America, yet only 5% are receiving treatment for this disease. It snatches away what makes a man a man — and leaves behind someone who suffers from lack of libido, fatigue and poor mood — just to name a few of it’s many symptoms. While in the epicenter of surgical residency, my wife knew something was wrong with me before I did. What I discovered was not what I expected: I had the Testosterone level of an 80 year old man, and I had not yet reached my 33rd birthday. Wake up call. After that fateful day, we live our lives to the fullest and I have been on Testosterone Replacement Therapy ever since. I have become an expert in the field and diagnose a man every day in my urology practice in Amarillo, Texas. Do you know someone who could have Low T? In this book, you will be given medical information in a user-friendly way and hear success stories from my patients as well as my own. Do you know the secret? We do. We firmly believe that the secret to a man’s sexual, mental and physical wellness is a healthy testosterone level. Read more and you will understand why.
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