Saurabh Kumar Singh

College 2 Company

Everyone doesn't make it to IITƒ.. But, they do make it BIG and sometimes GREAT Born in an Army background, Sid was brought up by his parents to become an “Army Medical Officer”. But getting indulged in all sorts of tarnished activities and thereafter screwing up his board results, he finally landed in Chennai to pursue his engineering ƒ.of course.. Not from IIT!! College fun, Ragging in Hostel, scariest mess-food, dumbest mates, carats of beer and smoky environment ruined him further. Yes, he was ruined but somehow he got himself placed in an automobile MNC. Being so idiotic, how Sid made it to campus placement? Soon the grey part of corporate world makes him feel inferior among the other freshers hired from IIT's. He wanted to prove himself, but was suppressed by his manager. Will Sid ever be able to make it BIG in corporate? Two beautiful and loving girls, Aayesha & Angel, step into his life. But commitment towards love is never easy, and for Sid, it was the most complicated one!! How does he handle both the love story and finally whom does he fall for? Will he be able to convince his orthodox parents especially his mother-INDIA? Spending lavished life in college, struggling to manage 2-love stories and fighting for respect and pride in corporate world is the chronicle of every graduate's life! “College 2 Company” is a very true tale ofƒ one and all!! Once again feel the College excitement, Semester Exams fear, corporate pains, Appraisal worries, and a bewildering love story!! «PAY FOR OUR WORTHƒ NOT FOR OUR BACKGROUND”
217 printed pages


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