Dejah Rice

I’ll Hold You Down 2

In this second installment of I’ll Hold You Down, things heat up just a tad bit. What is one to do when their own cousin has them at gunpoint and seems to want them dead? Natalie Clover seems to be going through it time after time, and things still don’t seem to be looking better for her. Will her ex, that she once loved, be able to save her and possibly win her back? Or will he be just another problem for her?
Neil has done something that he has never done before, and that’s put his heart on the line for a woman. All he wants is someone that will really ride for him and hold him down in the streets, and he wants it with Natalie. The only thing is, he doesn’t know if she will be able to handle his street life, or if she is just going to shoot him down. Aside from things with Natalie, Neil has even bigger problems after finding out that his sister has been knocked up by the same guy that wants to see him behind bars.
Will Natalie be able to find her way out of trouble? Will Neil be able to handle business without hurting the only family member he has left? Will this duo be able to come out on top and give love with each other a chance? Or are things just too complicated for love when it comes to these two?
117 printed pages
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