Knut Hansen

Chuck It

Down the halls of a mental hospital and through the streets of a small Norwegian city, Matt drags his feet through some of the worst weeks of his life. It's November, cold and wet on the outside, too quiet and lonely on the inside for the shivering New Yorker. When prescribed medication and professional counseling only make him sleepy, the American expat begins to realize his desperate attempt for help is doomed to fail. He needs a more drastic solution to regain his appetite for life―to be fit to see his two daughters again. He misses them immensely. Are they the only reason he is still alive? He longs for the days before his youthful indiscretions devoured his innocence―when a simple game of basketball or strumming on a six-string could lock his mind onto a track, into a groove, and the rest of the world would simply be forgotten. His memories bring him joy―at least for a day or two. Will his dreams, help him find a new purpose in life, even answer why he decided to move to Norway? Matt is not fond of doctors. His decision to seek help in a hospital comes as a big surprise to Lars, his only friend to visit him. Lars wonders if Matt just misses playing music―that he is not sick at all. Unexpected events strain their friendship by exposing darker and weaker sides of them both. Conflicts and secrets from the past unfold. Matt revives his crude New York wit in a hide-and-seek game with an ambiguous enemy. A criminal investigation provokes his fundamental doubts about right and wrong, living and dying. What does it take to restore a solid rhythm in a song, start from the top again or simply get rid of the drummer?
331 printed pages
Original publication


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