The Dark Energy: Star Child Saga, Book 1

Johnny Starrider has the biggest headache in the universe-his twin brother, Jody. He argues over everything: the top bunk, haircuts, and who pilots through the Aurora Borealis. They live aboard a space station so they can't escape each other. Their Astrophysics teacher says a science project might be helpful. When the boys discover s strange cosmic radiation barreling through the solar system, they eagerly team up.

But all is not as it seems. They've been set up by someone preparing them for a great destiny. What the boys capture is Dark Energy. It moves galaxies. But can it move the human heart? The brothers suffer a spiteful sibling rivalry and it causes them to overlook a conspirator's devious plot until too late. If Johnny and Jody can't resolve their differences, their home, family, even mankind may cease to exist. For the brothers, however, “reconciliation” is a planet they have never visited.
374 printed pages
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