NeeNee Marie

Tears of A Hummingbird

Could You Fly with A Broken Wing?

The dark tragedies from her childhood have followed her into her adult life like déjà vu.

Symone Baker-Michaels, a delicate, yet strong Black woman finds it nearly impossible to obtain freedom as she remains locked down and struggles to break free from the shackles of abuse. Somehow, she seeks out a slither of hope and finds inner strength to fight for her life… literally. Symone digs deep inside of herself to battle against generational curses, with aim to end the cycle of misery for good. But at what expense? What will Symone have to sacrifice before she can cross over to a life of healing and peace, rather than pain and suffering? Who will she have to give up before her spirit is able to fly freely… or will she ever fly again at all?

276 printed pages
Original publication



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