Wisdom for the Journey, Odella Glenn
Odella Glenn

Wisdom for the Journey

89 printed pages
Wisdom for the Journey culminates years of periodic, miscellaneous writing. My desire to write spills over from my love for reading. Between reading fascinating books and creating writing projects, I began to say “Someday, I’ll write a book.” “Someday” dragged on into years. I finally chose a book title and began to write. Pages of dated manuscript—filed away in folders—attest to my periodic bouts of writing. Years go by without a completed manuscript. It seems like the write-a-book dream had faded. Then one day when I least expect it, the “write-a-book dream” returns—resuscitated and stronger than ever. I hear a voice in my spirit say “You have a book, books to write before you sleep. You must begin to write now!” Immediately I am moved to start over again, and to forget the manuscript I had toyed around with for so long. Wisdom for the Journey is the title that erupts from that voice. With it comes a mandate, “Go all the way this time—on to a published book. Suddenly, my self-talk is activated and I say to myself “Here I go again—back to the writing track. How many times have I been here before? I must not allow history to repeat itself again” When the self-talk stops, I realize that I need some way to ensure that I stay on course, keep procrastination away, and finish the book this time. The idea floods my mind that making a writing vow to God would give me assurance. I search the Bible for wisdom on making vows. Many people of the Bible have made them. Some of their vows have been foolishly made and produced unfavorable consequences. The eleventh chapter of Judges records such a vow. Jephthah, a great warrior, made a vow that results in the death of his only child. Not wanting to make a mistake, I search the scriptures for more wisdom. Scriptures teach that: vows are voluntary, but very serious; carry as much force as a written contract; and are unbreakable. (Deut. 23:21, 23) Wisdom’s bottom line is: If you make a vow to God you must pay it. The Lord demands it. There are no excuses and no exceptions. I carefully consider the biblical cautions and warnings about making a vow. I prayerfully conclude that for me a vow is the assurance I need for getting the book finished. So I make this vow to God. “Every day that you allow me to live, I will write for at least one hour. The writing sessions will continue daily until I have a completed manuscript ready for publishing. Making that vow is the beginning of Wisdom for the Journey. A few months into the writing sessions, painful arthritis and carpal tunnel pain attack my hands and wrists. I begin to think that it’s okay to quit now. But I recognize that voice as Satan with a “buyout package”. My response to him is “Get behind me Satan! You must have lost your mind to suggest that I break my vow to God.” I recite biblical scriptures for strength and courage. Galatians 6:9 reminds me that “in due season we shall reap, if we faint not”. In the meantime, wearing arthritic gloves, and carpal tunnel wrist braces, I continue to write as I seek more wisdom. I apply Romans 4:17 to the situation that says “Call those things which be not as though they were.” And the wisdom of Job 22:28 that says “Thou shall also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee.” So believing and trusting God, I pray. Then I declare and decree that: “As I continue to write the manuscript my hands are healed and strengthened, and I am anointed and empowered to finish writing the book.” The daily writing sessions continue as planned; the manifestation takes place as decreed; and Wisdom for the Journey is completed, fulfilling the writing vow I made to God.
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