Terri Apple

I'm 35, My Eggs Are RottingHow's Your Sperm?

Terri Apple's I'm 35, My Eggs Are Rotting…How's Your Sperm? Is one career-driven woman challenging society's perspective on the stages of life and social norm. With wit, clever insight and no-nonsense in-your-face humor, Terri tells us it's okay to be where we are, no excuses! Terri takes the 'rules' and throws them out the window. She uncovers the truth behind 'dating', 'soulmates', 'marriage', 'divorce'-no subject is taboo. With chapters such as, “Men May Be From Mars, But We Still Need Their Penis”, Terri looks deep into the psyche of the human mind and explores our relationship with not only whom we choose as partners, but how whom we choose has a direct impact on how we were raised, society's ideals and what we THINK will make us happy. Terri asks us to look at ourselves FIRST. She questions every social norm and re-distributes our brain cells to look inside FIRST.
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